We are a specialised law firm for the financial sector.

in particular for financial services, capital markets and investment funds, including FinTech solutions.

Assessment of business ventures from a regulatory perspective, licensing consultancy, communication with the regulator and ongoing compliance activities are our chief domain, as is the drafting of contractual and client documentation or internal regulations, taking into account all key regulatory requirements.

We love our job. Our strong academic background, overview of trends at the European level and enthusiasm for the field allow us to provide you with legal services at the required standard. We are no strangers to novel solutions and are not afraid to present our ideas to the professional public.

We believe that only a diligent and thorough approach leads to long-term success and fulfilling work, both in your complex and often highly-regulated business spheres and in our services. This is how we approach every output you receive from us.

What are we happy to help you with?

We are a specialised law firm for the financial sector.

We can’t divorce you or resolve your neighbourhood dispute, although we will happily recommend a competent specialist for this purpose.

We are here to fulfil most of the conceivable requirements that may affect your financial business under the Czech and EU financial sector regulations.

What agenda can we help with?

Assessment and structuring of business and investment plans

Are you considering entering the financial sector, have a good idea and would like to finance it on the capital market? Are you expanding your services or coming from abroad and are unsure whether or to what extent your plan is affected by regulation? With us, you will find out with certainty.

Licensing procedures with the Czech National Bank

We will guide your company through the authorisation/licensing procedure with the Czech National Bank. We will draft the necessary legal documents, take over representation throughout the proceedings and support you in preparing a business plan to ensure that the proceedings run smoothly and within a reasonable timeframe.

Investiční společnosti a fondy, zakládání alternativních fondů

Jsme specialisté na fondový sektor. Fondům rozumíme jak právně, tak technicky a byznysově. Ať už jste zavedená investiční společnost nebo nově vznikající alternativní fond, rádi Vám poskytneme na míru šité služby.


Alternativní formy financování nám nejsou cizí. Pomáháme platformám přizpůsobit se nové regulaci a přetavit ji v byznysovou výhodu. Jako jedni z mála v ČR máme rozsáhlé zkušenosti s licencováním crowdfundingu u ČNB. Jste stávající platforma a řešíte úpravu obchodního modelu, nebo platformu zakládáte? Jsme tu pro Vás.

Kryptoaktiva a krypto (finanční) služby

Poskytovatele krypto služeb čekají s novou regulací významné změny. Pomůžeme Vám využít příležitost, kterou s sebou MiCA přináší, a bezpečně Vás provedeme požadavky licenčního řízení. Kombinujeme naše porozumění kryptu a rozsáhlé zkušenosti v regulovaném sektoru. Na krypto scéně se dobře orientujeme. S důvěrou se na nás obraťte.

Issuance and distribution of securities

Are you considering bond financing? We will help you to structure the bond issue and ensure compliance with the related obligations. Are you a distributor or a comparison platform? Because we know it is often safer from a regulatory perspective to issue securities than to offer them, we will provide you with full legal support.

Compliance and ongoing legal support

We have long-term experience in ensuring compliance activities, i.e. the continuous monitoring of compliance of internal processes with legal regulations, for a wide range of financial service providers. We are specialists in ongoing legal support in the areas of fund legislation, investment intermediation and crowdfunding.

Preparation and review of contractual documentation, client documentation, and internal regulations

In your complex business, contracts with clients and suppliers must not only be 100% functional, but also secure from a regulatory compliance perspective. Thanks to our experience, we know which areas are particularly problematic and how to adjust them to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

Representation during Czech National Bank inspections and sanction proceedings, communication with the Czech National Bank

Have you received a call from the Czech National Bank or have you been notified of an inspection? Contact us. We will provide you with assistance to make the inspection as successful as possible. Are you unsure as to how to communicate with the Czech National Bank? We’re here for you. In addition to Czech, English and German, we also understand the language of the Czech National Bank.

Second opinions for law firms and other specialists

Are you a law firm or a specialist in financial services regulation and need to be 100% certain when working for your clients? We will be happy to provide you with our perspective on specific legal issues.

Other legal services in the financial sector

Are you not so easily pigeonholed, yet feel we may be able to help you? We would be happy to discuss your case with you. If we can help, great. If not, we will be upfront about it and recommend the appropriate specialist.
We will be delighted to meet you

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